Restaurant Anti Choking Device – Pubs, Grills, Bars

Restaurant Anti Choking Device – Abdominal thrusts and back slaps don’t always work. Have the most inexpensive life-saving device on the market handy for a choking event.

Restaurant Anti Choking Device – Pubs, Grills, Bars

Restaurant Anti Choking Device - Pubs, Grills, Bars

Sure, somewhere on a restaurant wall, there is a diagram on how to properly perform Abdominal Thrusts (formerly known as the Heimlich Maneuver). But sometimes our lack of knowledge or physical ability are not up to the task. Other times they may be too big or too small. More often, Abdominal Thrusts and Back Slaps simply don’t always work.

The Dechoker is a product intended to come into the fray after physical maneuvers have either failed to work, or failed to be performed for lack of knowledge or physical ability, weight of the victim, etc. It’s basically a vacuum pump that you place over a person’s mouth, while they’re on their back; you pull the plunger which dislodges their blockage in the process. It takes just seconds. You then place them on the side until they recover. It’s a brilliant tool to have in every bar, pub, grill and restaurant.

Restaurant Anti Choking Device -

Unlike other forms of death, choking isn’t caused by smoking, or a bad diet, or lifestyle decisions. Most every time, a choking death is caused simply by eating, as food is the most common culprit.

Again, Anyone can choke to death. Doesn’t it make sense to have a Dechoker in your restaurant?

Successfully using the Dechoker takes about as much time as it takes you to read this sentence.

The Dechoker is a revolutionary new medical device that can help increase your chances or a loved one’s chances of surviving a choking emergency. It helps to know how to properly administer abdominal thrusts, but you might not be big or strong enough to perform it on the person choking. Or it may fail to dislodge the obstruction.

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