Adult Anti Choking Device

Adult Anti Choking Device

Adult Anti Choking Device – Adults choke to death at a rate of one every 2 hours – Be prepared. Order the Dechoker as it can also be self-administered for those living alone. Adult Anti Choking Device While child choking deaths (according to the Mayo Clinic) are more common then adults in general, there is […]

Adult Dechoker

Adult Dechoker – Adults, especially those over 65, often choke to death, in many situations while alone. The Adult Dechoker addresses these issues. The Adult Dechoker While most adults don’t put coins or small toys in their mouth, they often choke on food. Dentures and reduced swallowing capabilities, as well as many adult diseases that […]

dechoker unit

The Dechoker Unit – Toddler, Child and Adult Sizes

The Dechoker Unit – Childhood choking is the third leading cause of accidental death, and the forth leading cause of accidental death in adults. The Dechoker Unit The Dechoker Device Highlights  A Death From Choking Every 2 Hours FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device Comes in 3 Sizes ISO13485 compliant Works in Seconds We will […]

anti choking unit for adults - the dechoker

Anti Choking Unit for Adults

Over half of all accidental choking deaths are adults and over half of those deaths are over the age of 65. Have the anti choking unit for adults in your home. Anti Choking Unit for Adults While it’s true that the very young and the very old are more susceptible to accidently choking, someone dies […]

Anti Choking Device For Adults

Anti Choking Device For Adults – Here in the US, an otherwise healthy person accidently chokes to death about every 2 hours. Be Prepared. Anti Choking Device For Adults All accidental deaths are declining. Automobiles are safer, drownings are down, and thanks to smoke alarms fire deaths are down, even carbon monoxide deaths have declined. […]

Dechoker Device for Adults

Dechoker Device for Adults

Dechoker Device for Adults – It’s not just toddlers choking on grapes. Every 2 hours, someone dies in the US from choking. Be prepared at work, in the car, and at home. Dechoker Device for Adults The Dechoker Choking Rescue Device is FDA Class I and II Registered, as well as ISO13485 compliant. Easy to use […]

The Dechoker Unit

Dechoker Unit for Toddlers, Children and Adults

The Dechoker Unit comes in three age-appropriate sizes. Easy to use and less than the cost of a new video game. Be prepared when a choking emergency arises. The Dechoker Unit Emergency Help For Choking Victims (even when alone) is Only A Click Away. The Dechoker unit uses powerful suction to remove food from the […]