Anti Choking Device

Anti Choking Device – The best choking protection at the best pricing. Buy the Dechoker and save more than money – save a life.

Anti Choking Device

Anti Choking Device - The Dechoker

In the US 5000+ healthy children & adults die from choking each year. The Dechoker is an affordable FDA registered anti-choking device to aid in choking emergencies.

Anti Choking Device - A child can choke at anytimeThe Dechoker is a registered FDA Class I Anti Choking Safety Device (ACD) that comes in 3 sizes – Toddler, Child and Adult. Order with Confidence from GTE.

According to Injury Facts 2017, with over 5000 deaths a year, choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional injury death in adults and the third leading cause of death in children.

Be Prepared with the Dechoker Anti Choking Device (ACD).

A person who can’t cough, speak or breathe, needs immediate help.

And you have just a very few minutes to help.

  • 0-4 minutes: Brain Damage Unlikely
  • 4-6 minutes: Brain Damage Possible
  • 6-10 minutes: Brain Damage Likely
  • 10+ minutes: Probable Brain Death 
  • Average 911 Emergency Response Time: 7-12 minutes

The Dechoker Anti Choking Device at the Best Price

Anti Choking Device

  • The Dechoker is a simple, high quality, Class I medical device registered with the FDA to stop a choking emergency.
  • The operation is intuitive with sizes made for toddlers, children, and adults.
  • Having a Dechoker readily available at home or work could divert a tragic event.
  • The Dechoker is changing the way people respond to a choking emergency.
  • Make the Dechoker a part of your first aid kit today!

The Dechoker uses powerful suction to remove food from the airway. It works in seconds and is easy to use on a choking victim, even if it’s on yourself.

Yes…the dechoker is easy to you on yourself as is it to use on others, And when you think about the number of people who live alone, it’s truly a lifesaver!

When you consider the safety of your family, friends, workplace, and community, having the Dechoker on hand can give you peace of mind.

Because a life-threatening choking attack can happen to anyone, even you.

If you are with a Federal, State, Local, and/ or Educational entity, please contact Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. Directly:

(561) 432-1746

Order Your Dechoker Today!

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