The Dechoker comes in three sizes designed to help an adult, child, or toddler in the case of a choking emergency. Whether you're concerned about protecting your family members, employees, clients, patients, or students, we have a solution for you.


The Dechoker* for Toddlers unit is designed for toddlers 12 months to 3 years of age. It has a nose piece specifically modeled for small faces as well as a shortened tube for the perfect sizing.


It seems like a child explores its world with its mouth, which makes the risk of choking a continual concern. The Dechoker* for Children unit is designed for growing children from 3 years to 12 years old. It has a nose piece small enough to fit on a small child’s face but is powerful enough to dislodge debris from the airway.


Be ready to respond when someone experiences a choking emergency in your home or business. The Dechoker* is an anti-choking device small enough to keep with a first-aid kit. The adult-sized unit is designed for ages 12 and up.

Dechoker Specs

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Dechoker Specs


Smooth and light pull handle allows anyone, no matter the age, to utilize the Dechoker to its full capability. Children can use the adult unit on their elders!


The cylinder has been engineered to provide the optimal amount of suction pressure needed to dislodge a foreign object stuck in your airway.


This valve prevents any fluid or debris from re-entering the oral cavity, ensuring nothing is being forced down the trachea.


This tube does not enter the trachea, but rather the back of the jaw – This allows better access to the airway while keeping the tongue and cheeks from being sucked in.


With over 1700 hospitals, clinics and community living centers, the Department of Veterans Affairs has large variety of applications for the Dechoker, as it can be used regardless of illness, disorder, or other health-related condition.

From a Navy submarine far out at sea, to the mess hall at Fort Lee, to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to Presidents that choke on pretzels, The DOD has approximately 1.3 million reasons to have a Dechoker within easy reach.

From the Coast Guard to the Secret Service, to the Border Patrol, FEMA and more, Homeland Security merged 22 diverse federal functions into a single organization. Anyone can choke. Anyone can use the Dechoker.

The Department of Education administers the health and safety of school children. One child dies every 5 days from choking. The Dechoker should be in every cafeteria and school nurse office. What food do kids most commonly choke on? Hotdogs!

From child care to community health centers across the United States, there is a distinct need for the Dechoker. HHS also runs the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services touching the young, old and everyone in between.

The Federal Department of Transportation oversees the nation’s public transport needs. Every year, over 4000 perfectly healthy adults die from choking on food. Many of them are traveling when it happens. Be prepared.

In addition to its many functions, the State Department oversees over 250 US Embassies and offices throughout the world. Who wants to see anyone choke to death, here or overseas? Nobody!

One of the biggest areas where quick access to a Dechoker can be valuable is with first responders and Emergency Medical Services/ municipal ambulances. With candy and coins making up 37% of child ER visits, the Dechoker should be within reach of every first responder.

From schools to municipal courtrooms, to playgrounds and community centers and more, the Dechoker is one of the most inexpensive lifesaving devices on the market today.  A “must have” in any area where children or the elderly congregate.

Across the US there are 50 state governments that run state police, boards, colleges, state run VA homes (NJ paid out $1.4 million on a VA home choking death) and more. There are many areas from a trooper car to the governor’s mansion where the Dechoker can make a difference.

Whether it’s in your home, or in a restaurant or clinic or daycare or school or at work, the Dechoker can save lives. Brain damage starts in about 4 minutes when choking and the Dechoker works in seconds with no training!

On an emergency call, often the police or fire department arrive before the EMS crew. In a choking emergency, seconds count. It’s so easy to use, anyone can save a life. No certifications or training needed.