Choking Device for Toddlers

The best choking device for toddlers is the Dechoker Toddler Size, specifically designed for ages 12 months to 3 years of age, where the majority of childhood accidental choking occurs.

Choking Device for Toddlers

Choking Device for Toddlers

  • Choking Device For Toddlers – The Toddler Size Dechoker – Be prepared with the Dechoker Toddler Anti-Choking Device – FDA Registered. Stop a choking emergency in just seconds with little to no training or certifications.
  • Child visits to the ER for choking and air flow difficulties number 2 on the list of Emergency Room visits.
  • Sometimes it seems that toddlers think the whole world belongs in their mouth.  – Choking Device For Toddlers – Additionally, toddlers don’t chew food all that well, due to teething. The Dechoker – Fast, effective choking first aid for toddlers and small children.

Be Prepared with a Choking Device for Toddlers.

The Toddler Size Dechoker - Anti-Choking Device

The Toddler Size Dechoker.

Not that long ago, a 2 year old boy grabbed some grapes and choked to death in the produce section of a supermarket. It made the news because it happened in a busy supermarket in front of shoppers and employees. Sadly, most die at home and don’t make the local news.

As it turns out, grapes are not a good idea for toddlers.

But it’s not just grapes.

It’s also hot dogs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, popcorn, pretzels, peanut butter, cheese and well, just about anything that an adult would not put in their mouth, like coins, marbles, small toys and more.

Why it’s so easy for a young child to choke for air? Their windpipe is the diameter of a straw. And it happens all too often. Child deaths by choking occur at the rate of one every few days. Worse, many survive, only to be faced with permanent brain damage from lack of air before treatment. Additionally, toddlers are not good candidates for the Heimlich Maneuver.

But there is a low cost solution. 

There is a new FDA registered device that anyone can use with very little training – The Dechoker.

Toddler Size Dechoker – Choking Device for Toddlers

The Toddler Size Dechoker


Dechoker for children and toddlers 2The Dechoker for Toddlers unit is designed for toddlers 12 months to 3 years of age. It has a nose piece specifically modeled for small faces as well as a shortened tube for the perfect sizing.

Be prepared for any choking emergency by keeping a Dechoker unit close at hand. It also fits in a regular sized diaper bag, stroller, or backpack so it is easily portable.


Dechoker for children and toddlersIt seems like a child explores its world with its mouth, which makes the risk of choking a continual concern. The Dechoker for Children unit is designed for growing children from 3 years to 12 years old. It has a nose piece small enough to fit on a small child’s face but is powerful enough to dislodge debris from the airway.

When safety is your highest priority, making a Dechoker unit part of your first aid or medical kit keeps you prepared for any choking emergency. It also fits in a regular sized diaper bag, stroller, or backpack so it is easily portable.

If you are with a Federal, State, Local, and/ or Educational entity, please contact Global-Tec Enterprises, Inc. Directly:

(561) 432-1746

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