Choking Help When Alone

Choking Help When Alone – if you can make any sound, try to cough or hack it up, if not, first dial 911, then, if you have prepared for this event, reach for the Dechoker.

Choking Help When Alone

Nestled behind Poisoning (which includes overdoses), Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Falls, Choking causes more deaths than fires, drowning or accidental gunshots., as the 4th leading cause of accidental death in the U.S.

  • Poisoning (including drug overdose): 64,795, +11.1%
  • Motor vehicle: 40,231, -0.2%
  • Falls: 36,338, +4.8%
  • Choking (Suffocation by ingestion): 5,216, +8%
  • Drowning: 3,709, -2%
  • Fires, flames, smoke: 2,812, +3%

And in the media, we see the news reports about house fires. Or the drowning in a pool. These make the news. However, when was the last time you saw a news report about an accidental choking?

Like hardly ever, yet most often, the local news starts with a house fire.

Also in the media, for instance movies, you’ll see a patron in a posh restaurant suddenly grab their throat.

Usually, just like fire deaths, chocking deaths occur in the home, many times while alone.

Choking Help When Alone – The Dechoker

Choking Help When Alone

When treating an emergency choking, abdominal thrusts and back slaps are generally the first line of attack, how do you increase your chances of survival when choking alone?

Time is of the essence when trying to help someone choking, and it’s very distressing to all involved.

  • Effective Choking Emergency Treatment - Seconds Count0-4 minutes: Brain Damage Unlikely
  • 4-6 minutes: Brain Damage Possible
  • 6-10 minutes: Brain Damage Likely
  • 10+ minutes: Probable Brain Death 

The Average 911 Emergency Response Time: 7-12 minutes

Choking Help When AloneThe Dechoker Choking Safety Device uses powerful suction to remove obstructions (food or other objects such as coins) from the airway. It works in seconds and is easy to use on a choking victim. You can even use it on yourself!

And when choking alone, it may be your only option.

Registered as an FDA Class I and II medical device, the Dechoker is approved to be manufactured ISO13485 compliant. It is designed for single use in public spaces or places of business.

When you consider the safety of your family, friends, workplace, and community, having the Dechoker on hand can give you peace of mind.

Because a life-threatening choking attack can happen to anyone, even when you are alone.

The One Thing Missing From Your First Aid Kit - The Dechoker

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