Choking Rescue Device For Adults

Choking Rescue Device For Adults – The data shows more choking deaths among the very young and those over 65.

Choking Rescue Device For Adults

Over half of all accidental choking deaths are adults and over half of those deaths are over the age of 65. Have the anti choking unit for adults in your home. Easy to use. Affordable anti choking device.

Here in the US, an otherwise healthy person accidently chokes to death about every 2 hours. Be Prepared.

Choking Rescue Device for Adults

According to the US National Safety Council choking is the fourth leading cause of accidental death.

Choking Rescue Device for Adults - Dechoker Adult sizeThe Dechoker Choking Rescue Device for Adults is FDA Class I and II Registered, as well as ISO13485 compliant. Easy to use and works in seconds to effectively dislodge windpipe obstructions. Order with Confidence from GTE. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

We will be the first to agree that properly performed abdominal thrusts have saved countless lives.

But it doesn’t always work. 

Or there may be no trained personnel to administer it.

Or the victim may be too frail or too heavy to perform it.

Or, you may be alone. And Choking. (The Dechoker is easily used on yourself when alone and choking)

Choking Rescue Device For Adults – GTE

Every 120 minutes, a healthy toddler, child or adult dies from an accidental choking. And you don’t have much time to wait for help if abdominal thrusts are not dislodging the obstruction. 

You have just a precious few minutes to help.

  • 0-4 minutes: Brain Damage Unlikely
  • 4-6 minutes: Brain Damage Possible
  • 6-10 minutes: Brain Damage Likely
  • 10+ minutes: Probable Brain Death 
  • Average 911 Emergency Response Time: 7-12 minutes

We’ve seen it in movies, when abdominal thrusts and back slaps fail to dislodge an airway obstruction, an emergency tracheotomy must be quickly performed. Typically, someone asks for a pen.


There is a better way.

The Dechoker is a revolutionary FDA registered medical device to act immediately in a choking emergency. This first-aid device can be used to save lives at home and public spaces such as restaurants, schools, office buildings, sports centers, airplanes, boats, general transportation, and most importantly in home where most choking deaths occur.

There are also millions of individuals with special medical conditions that increase the risk of choking, such as those suffering from asthma, dysphagia, swallowing disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, etc.

The Dechoker device helps complement the administration of abdominal thrusts, which can not be effected effectively on many occasions, either because of lack of specialized personnel or because of intrinsic limitations to those affected, especially pregnant women, the elderly, obese people and small children/toddlers. This practice also has possible side effects such as fracture of ribs and perforation of abdominal organs.

What is the Dechoker? A Life Saving Device Anyone Can Use

what is the dechoker 2Dechoker provides a fast and easy rescue route to solve a choking emergency. It acts by suction that evacuates the obstruction of the airway. It is a very simple device to use that all must have in case of a choking emergency. Dechoker has been carefully designed to be used by non-specialized personnel and can be administered by any individual. Even a child can use it on his mother. You can even use the Dechoker on yourself in case of choking while alone.

The Dechoker comes in 3 sizes, Toddler, Child and Adult.

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