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Usage Instructions

For full usage instructions and images on use of the Dechoker, please click here

1. Remove Dechoker from package, pull handle once or twice

2. Lay individual on their back, tilt up head, lifting chin up for access to airway

3. Insert tube into mouth, respirator face cap covering mouth and nose for no longer than 3 second intervals

4. Apply thumb at bottom of chin and index finger on one side of respirator, middle finger on the other side of respirator

5. Apply light pressure, begin pulling the plunger upwards. Repeat steaps 4-5 if neccessary

6. Never leave respirator covering mouth and nose over 3 seconds at any point. Countdown 3…2…1

7. Roll individual over on their side to allow debris out of mouth to avoid pulmonary aspiration



  • Patent Pending super compact design allows for easy use and everyday carry for bags or purses
  • Unique pressure release valve allows for consistent pressures and better suction throughout
  • Clear blue mouth tube allows for suction to penetrate the lower mouth, not allowing air to suck in cheeks
  • Easy pull operation allows users of all ages to utilize the Dechoker device
  • Professional color and finish leave this device looking like a million bucks, ready at any moment to do its job!